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dezembro 01, 2009

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outubro 11, 2009

Recipe (Site: Food, a Fact of Life)

Receita: Interessante (video + texto).

Vale a pena visitar outras componentes do site Food, a fact of life (actividades sobre alimentação e saúde, algumas interactivas)

Jamie Oliver recipe salad

Here's one of the videos I used last year in one of my lessons. It worked well! It is good for sts to get used to listening to sb speaking at normal speed.

outubro 08, 2009

Jamie Oliver's vegetable garden

A good resource to use in class: a video of Jamie Oliver in his vegetable garden is .
A worksheet is needed: focus on the vegetables he grows there + plans for recipes.

Our students in the vegetable garden

A non-edited video: a student feels proud of the school vegetable garden (his mother has visited it).

outubro 07, 2009

Vegetable gardens: learning English

Keeping a vegetable garden at school. What on earth has it to do with learning English? I'll try to tell you about this experience I was involved in for two school years.

The three of us, as you can imagine, have got green fingers. Wait till you meet our students!